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Established with an aim to provide low cost and high quality Service, Solution & Support to the customers in J&K.


PEER NETWORKS PRIVATE LIMITED ® An Unified License Holder under Service Category “C” Internet Service Provider (ISP) & an Infrastructure Provider Category I (IP-1) in Kashmir, Jammu & Kashmir, licensed by Government of India, Ministry of communication & Department of Telecommunication (DOT) for providing wide range of Telecom Services and other value added Services. The company is associated with Service's, Solution & Support in the field of Computer's hardware, Networking, and Telecommunication . We are committed for achieving highest levels of customer’s satisfaction by providing the assuring quality, quickest & economic client-friendly solutions. We place a major importance to human factors in our recommendation of products as well as our interface with our customers.

We are committed to seeking innovative solutions and applications to all aspects of our business; to continually achieving competitive advantage through business process improvement; and to exceeding our customer's expectations.

Our Motto

React, adapt and be fearless - we’re Kashmiri's who aspire to be better tomorrow than we are today. We are driven by the yearning to explore, create, change, and push boundaries. Our culture revolves around having a passion to walk off the well-beaten path, and turn away from the status quo. Avant-garde and unconventional - we aspire to make a positive difference for people. We routinely re-invest in ourselves, and hope that we can drive a positive influence in the industry. We’re always pushing to learn and reinvent ourselves. At PEER we are committed to providing the finest intricately solutions in the industry by using the latest technology and supporting it with an optimum level of service to ensure customer satisfaction. PEER’s unique ability to offer solutions to the exact specifications of the consumer at competitive pricing,while meeting the harshest deadlines of Company, has proven to be a significant edge within the industry and has defined us with our clients.We now have expanded our reach and by strategic partnerships we plan to penetrate the vast retail segment. We have made connectivity possible in terrains were our competitors had denied/ failed to provide. We are the Providers of Datacenter Co-location, the first of its kind in the valley.

  • Cost savings and Value added services
  • One Point Contact for all solutions
  • Quick scalability and highly reliable solution .
  • Improved service by using an expert provider

  • Freeing up of manager’s time to focus on core business
  • Benefits of using a time tested and proven solutions
  • Easing the need for capital expenditure
  • Specialized services in IT Infrastructure Management

Our Policy

PEER NETWORKS PRIVATE LIMITED. (hereinafter referred to as "PEER.") any related services and Products provided by PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD to the End User ("Services") shall be governed by the terms & conditions herein. By activating the services, the End User, acknowledges receiving, reading and understanding this agreement and accepts the terms and conditions herein. End User acknowledges that is of legal age to enter into this Agreement.

1. TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The terms and conditions stated herein are In lieu of and replace any and all terms and conditions set forth in any document issued by End User, including, without limitations. Purchase oders and specifications. Any additional, different, conflicting terms and conditions on any such document Issued by end user at any time are hereby objected to by PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD. and any such documents shall be wholy inapplicable to any sale made or service rendered hereunder and shall not be binding in any way on PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD No waiver or amendment to this contract or these terms and conditions shall be binding on PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD unless made in writing expressly stating that it is such a waiver or amendment signed by Director of PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD..

2. TERMS : The term of this Agreement ("TERMS") begins on the date that PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD initiates the Services and continues for the duration of service period as defined by the service plan that is selected by the End User ("SUBSCRIPTION Plan")At the end of the current term, the term is automatically renewed under the same terms and conditions for a like term as the term just ending unless the End User provides PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD prior to the end of the current term, notification of intention to terminate the service. The End User agrees to pay for the services for the duration of the term. Expiration of the term does not End User of responsible for paying all unpaid, account, changes due hereunder. IF the End User choose to terminate the service before the end of the current term, the End User will be immediately responsible for paying monthly service fee otherwise due for the duration of the term.

3. SERVICE: The internet services provided by PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD. are on as is, Where is & as available basis. The quality of the internet depends on the network quality & PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD does not provide any Guarantee or take any responsibility for the rarity of voice, connection times, uninterrupted calls etc. PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD is also not responsible for any wrong numbers dialed or any sort of internet fruad, phishing, Internet related scam .PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD. reserves the right to its dissertation, to limit or terminate access to certain destinations. The security of the password & the User ID is the sole prerogative of the End User & PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD. disclaims any responsibility of the same.

4. CHARGES AND PAYMENTS: End User has to pay all charges invoiced to the End Users account including, but not limited to, initiation fees, activation fees, monthly service fees, and any other applicable charges. Monthly service fees are paid in advance of each month's service and any other applicable charges are billed the end of each month's service. Monthly service fees are initiated at the eal1ier of (i) the End Users activation of the Service or (ii) 30 days after the End Users purchase of the service and are prorated to consider any partial month may occur as the result of the date monthly service fees are initiated.

5. LOST, STOLEN, ALERTED OR BROKEN EQUIPMENT: End User shall not modify the equipment in any way without the written permission of PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD. End User shall not use the equipment except with the services provided hereunder. Except as otherwise provided for hereunder. End User is responsible for all lost, stolen or broken Equipment an shall pay PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD. for any such lost, stolen or broken equipment an amount equal to the fair retail price the equipment minus any payments. End User had previously paid specifically for said equipment End User shall immediately notify PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD. of any lost or stolen equipment and shall cooperate with PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD. in all reasonable aspects to eliminate actual potential unauthorized use of the Equipment. At PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD. sole option, failure to report lost or stolen equipment and a timely manner will cause End User to be responsible for all service fees accrued until time the PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD. Is informed of the loss or theft and can affect termination of the services.

6. CREDIT: All shipments, deliveries, services and performance of work covered by this agreement shall always to subjected to credit approval or review by PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD. End User will provide such credit information or assurance as is requested by PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD. at any time. PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD. in its sole distention and judgment may discontinue credit any time without notice.

7. PROHIBITED USERS: Any End User of the services or any other action that causes a disruption in the network integrity of PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD. or its vendors, whether directly or indirectly strictly prohibited and could result in termination of the Service and, End User understand that neither PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD. nor Its vendors are responsible for the content of the transmissions that may pass through the internet and or the services. End User agrees that it will not use the Services in ways that violate laws, infringe the rights of other, or interface with the users, services or equipment of the network. End User agrees and represents that it is buying the Services and/ 01 the equipment for own interval use only, and shall not resell the services or the equipment or components of PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD.'s SERVICE plans for residential subscribers Such use shall not include certain activities including but not limited to any conferencing/switching with any other telephone services including PSTN lines, GSM or CDMA mobile line auto dialing, continuous or extensive forwarding. continuous connectivity fax broadcast, fax blasting, telemarketing or any other activity that would be Inconsistent with personal residential and reasonable business use patterns.

8. RESTRICTION: End User agrees that the use of the service or Equipment will be restricted for personal, residential and reasonable business use only. PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD. reserves the right to immediately terminate or modify the service if PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD. determines in its sole disertetion that End Users use of the service is not as per subscribed plan.

9. TERMINATION & MODIFICATION PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD. reserves the right, as its sole discretion, to suspend, terminate or change the Service without advance notice for any reason, including without limitation, misuse of the Services in any way, End Users breach of this Agreement. End Users failure to pay any subdue hereunder suspected fraud or other activity by End User that adversely affects the service of PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD.'s & other End Users and their Services. PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD. reserves the right to determine, at its sole dissertation, what constitutes misuse of the services End User agreement that PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD.'s determination is final and binding on End User. PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD. may require an activation fee to change or resume terminate or suspended services. The termination shall not prejudice the recovery of any outstanding from End User by PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD.

10. BREACH: In the event of an End-users breach of the terms of this Agreement, including without limitation, failure to pay any sum due hereunder. End User shall reimburse PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD. for all attorney court collection and other-costs incurred by PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD. in the enforcement of PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD.'s rights hereunder the PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD. may keep any deposits or other payment made by End User.

11. INDEMINIFACTION: End User agrees to defend, indemnity and hold PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD., its affiliates and Its vendors harmless from any claims or damages relating to the Agreement

12. DISCLAIMER OF CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES : In no event shall PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD. or its vendors be liable for any special, incidents, indirect, punitive or consequential damages or for any damages, including but not limited to loss of data, loss of revenue or profits or arising out of in connection with the use of Inability to use service or product provided hereunder whether due to a breach or contact breach of warranty. the negligence or its vendors or otherwise, warranty and liability limitations, PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD. makes no warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness of a particular purpose. Neither PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD. nor is vendors will be liable for unauthorized access to PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD.'s or end user’s transmission facilities or premise equipment or for unauthorized access to or alteration, theft or destruction of end user’s data files, programs, procedures or information through accident, fraudulent means or devices, or any other method regardless of whether such damage occurs as a result of PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD. has no liability thereafter, PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD. liability is limit’s is to repair, replacement, credit or refund PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD.. May elect to provide a refund in lieu of credit replacement or repair. All warranties cover only the defect arising under normal use and do not Include malfunctions or failures resulting from misuse, abuse, neglect, alteration, modification, improper installation, or repairs by anyone other than PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD. in no events shall PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD. total liability hereunder exceed the services fees paid by end user to PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD. in the prior one month from the date of claim.

13. COMPLIANCE: End User agrees to comply with INDIAN Laws concerning the transmission of technical data and other regulated materials via the Services. End User agrees to comply with applicable local state and Central Government regulations governing the locality and which the Equipment and Services are used. The End User is hereby notified that the Indian laws strictly do not allow any VoIP calls to be switched to any PSTN or any other Non-IP Telecom Network.

14. SOFTWARE COPYRIGHT: Any software used by PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD. to provide copyright law and international treaty provisions protect the Service an any software provided to the End User in conjunction with providing the Services. End User may not copy the software or any portion of its except to create a backup or archival copy.

15. CRITICAL COMPONENTS PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD.'S equipment and services can not be used as critical components in life support devices or system without the express written approval of the Director of PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD..Life support devices or system are those which are intended to support or sustain life and whose failure to perform can be reasonably expected to result in a significant injury to the user. Critical components are those whose failure to perform can be reasonably expected to cause failure of a life support device or system affect safely effectiveness. PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD.'s equipment and services do support emergency functions and will not function in the absence of electrical power or proper network connection..

16. SURVIVAL: The pro vision of section 10, 14. 15, 16, 17 and 20 shall survive any termination of the agreement.

17. NOTICES, PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD. communicates with End Users primary via e-mail, notices to End User shall be sent to the mail address specified by the End User at the time of registration for the Services or as subsequently specified by the End User ("e-mail address") End User is responsible for notifying PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD. if any mail Address changes. End User agrees that sending a message to the mail address is the agreed upon means of providing notification. The main address is used to communicate important information about the Services billing changes to the services and other information. The information is time sensitive in nature. It is required that the End User reply any email sent to the address in a timely manner in order to avoid potential Interruptions in the Services provided hereunder.

18.PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD. shall not be liable for any delay in performance directly or Indirectly caused by or resulting from acts of God, fire, flood accident, war, government intervention, embargoes, strikes, labour difficulties, equ1pment failure, late deliveries at its sole discretion.

19. ARBITRATION: Any disputes or differences between the End User & PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD. shall be referred to a sole arbitrator nominated by PEER NETWORKS PVT. LTD. or its associates in accordance with the provision of Arbitration & Conditionate, 1996. This agreement is subject to jurisdiction of the Courts of Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, India.

20. ENTIRE AGREEMENT: These terms and conditions (but expressly not including any terms and conditions of End Use (s documents, including any purchase order) constitute the entire agreement with regards to this sale and expressly supersede and replace any prior or contemporaneous agreements. written or oral, relating to say sale. This agreement shall be binding upon the heirs, successors and assigns of the parts here to.

21. RE-CONNECTION PROCEDURE: If customer does not renew his connection before date of expiry, Reconnection charges will be applicable.

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